My Favoriate Way to Show Likert Data

I've come a long way from when I first worked with Tableau as an Evaluation Assistant at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Since then, in the evaluation field, I continue to work with a lot of likert data. Inspired by SuperDataScience, I created this viz to present likert in a way that emphasizes the positive/negative directionality of likert responses.

One of my favorite things about Tableau is how it's easy to make vizzes interactive via tooltips. Be sure to interact with this viz to get the full effect.

How Densely Can I Pack Data?

When measuring the impact of a program, pre/post surveys are part of the evaluation puzzle. In this visualization, I show multiple pre/post measures in the same chart. Mousing over the endpoint of a measure reveals the distribution and average score at that point. A robust set of filters allows the user to explore the data interactively.

In Progress: KC Schools Over Time

Though I've never been a teacher, I've long been interested in studying the intersection of racial justice, real estate, and schools. I've been lately thinking about the geography of where schools are in KC and their trajectory over time. Have they closed? Have they moved? Have their buildings been repurposed?

This one's still in progress. I have a lot of data yet to collect.